Are you a Fashionista? [Infographic]

Fashion has greatly influenced more and more people nowadays and people keep updating themselves on the latest trends and styles. People are now keen to know what are the best colors, textures, shapes and sizes from designers around the globe. Most likely even ordinary people can now express themselves since fashion as well is right […]

T-Shirt Culture Index [Infographic]

I love T-Shirt! I have a couple of shirts in my wardrobe that I used to collect. I have plain, printed, or textured. I just adore T-Shirts. Well, I know most people do, it’s a kind of clothing you can wear comfortably and anytime and you can match any types jeans, shorts, skirts for the […]

How Fashion is Influenced by our Grandparents.. [Infographic]

Even though we are living in a modern world, enjoying the benefits of high end technology and always want to be continuously part of the trend. Designers always have new, fresh and unique collection of clothing every season within a year. They are so creative and wanted to make people happy with the luxury of […]

Scarves – Learn How to Wear it to Look Cooler! [For Men]

One of my favorite garment that I want to wear especially during in a cold season is a scarf. It protects you from the cold temperature and at the same time it adds up a little fashion element to your look. A scarf, also known as a Kremer, muffler, or neck-wrap is a piece of […]