What is your Fashion Statement? [Article]

  In such a period, most fashion-conscious people do have already noticed the importance or benefit stylish appearances can bring to them. For females, good-looking clothing, shoes and an exquisite bag almost have become must-have items to complete their fashion statements. They spare no efforts to lighten their personalities and try to show their best […]

Iconic Women Who Shaped Fashion and Style [Infographic]

In Fashion World, we’re not only creating our own styles and experimenting our looks to make it look absolutely unique. However, admit or not, we’re also being influenced by people who are in movie or fashion industry. We idolize them because we found that they have their own style that set them apart from each […]

Rastafarian Fashion Style

Who doesn’t know the name Bob Marley? Well, I know most of the people in the world known him. He’s a music icon and I love him. He represents the country Jamaica as one of the music legends. He only not introduced reggae music, but also contributed his sensible philosophies in different aspects of life. […]

Miley Cyrus Fashion 2013

Who doesn’t know the name “Miley Cyrus”? Well, she was the one who created a huge controversy with her performance during the  VMA 2013 Awards night. From back then she’s all over the tabloids, entertainment news, etc. After that performance, lots of people HATES her and likewise a bunch of people LOVES her. She’s totally […]