Top 10 Vibrant Fashion Accessories [Infographic]

Accessories can create all sorts of moods. It is up to you to recognise what your current accessories silently say to others. Make sure that you wear those that give the impression you want them to have and not a confused, misunderstood impression of you. It can also help add personality and flare to any […]

Most Expensive Jewelyry in the World [Infographic]

Jewelry types have different textures and patterns. A highly polished pendant will look smooth and might work with a top that features intricate patterns. Classic pieces modeled after old time jewelry may feature very busy visual elements such as vines, scrollwork and rope engravings. These designs can clash if they are worn with fabrics with […]

What’s Hot in 2014 [Infographics]

Everyone wants to look hot and fab this year as always specially those people who adore fashion so much. We are all looking for the trends and style that we want and show off. That’s pretty much exciting. We also need to consider what’s hot and what’s not. So, want to share the infographic below […]

Iconic Women Who Shaped Fashion and Style [Infographic]

In Fashion World, we’re not only creating our own styles and experimenting our looks to make it look absolutely unique. However, admit or not, we’re also being influenced by people who are in movie or fashion industry. We idolize them because we found that they have their own style that set them apart from each […]

10 Fashion Trends That Are Bad For Your Health [Infographic]

We all know that the love of “Fashion” can make you feel good and awesome. We always almost want to do everything not to impress people in particular but to impress us with the clothes which are comfortable with. We also consider some of the add ounce of it such as bags, accessories, piercing and […]

Are you a Fashionista? [Infographic]

Fashion has greatly influenced more and more people nowadays and people keep updating themselves on the latest trends and styles. People are now keen to know what are the best colors, textures, shapes and sizes from designers around the globe. Most likely even ordinary people can now express themselves since fashion as well is right […]

Cool Grandpa! [Infographic] [Men]

Let’s face it. Fashion existed a very long time ago. So most likely designers try to look back with the trends and styles from the old era to be their inspiration to create a new style of clothing with the modern twist. Also, most of us are being influenced by our grandparents on how we […]

Hipster Fashion Cycle [Infographic]

I always love hipster – I have actually had this topic way back. I love the fashion element that implemented with the style. It’s very cool to look at people that really don’t care how will be seen by people.  It’s kinda mysterious and free spirited people intertwined together to change the cycle of the […]

The Perfect Modern Suit [Infographic] [Men]

Working in a corporate world. You must also be mindful with your attire if it will make you feel and look good. It’s not really about wearing expensive things, but just to be fit it in. Men most likely not really specific with their outfit as long they can go to work and they will […]