The Master Chart of Fashion Influence [Infographic]

Lots and lots of people nowadays are now being influenced by fashion that includes me for sure. 🙂 Different designers around the globe has unique styles with their clothing and creations which they’ve contributed great fashion till this generation. Though they have a diverse sense of style yet people are united and to be part […]

Eco Fashion..

Being a Fashionista, you must be creative and know how to be resourceful in some ways. Following an Eco Fashion trend can give you an opportunity to express more your style and creativity towards fashion. Nowadays, people are always in a rush and everybody is like; go, go, go. If you’re living an urban life. […]

Runway Shows [Infographic]

One of my dreams really is to visit the fashion capital in the world to witness runway shows. When I started to express my interest about fashion, I always watch runway shows videos on YouTube. My favorite would be videos from ModTV by Karen Morrison. She has done lots of interviews backstage from models to […]

Models Who Will Actually Make You Feel Good About Yourself ! [For Women]

I am very fanatic with fashion models! It’s really amazing seeing them on the runway, TV shows, movies, billboards, ads, magazine covers, etc. They are very versatile on how they strike their post and strut on the runway. I can say that I am addicted to them. Reading their Biography on Wikipedia. But there’s something […]

Curvy Gals & Guys can still be Glammed Up!

         Having a curvy body could be a hindrance of selecting the right clothes for you. Or even worse you don’t even mind to be dressed up because you’re not a super model skinny. YOU ARE WRONG!!! It’s a matter of how you embrace your shape and size and how you can play around with […]