This page is basically about ME, MYSELF and I. 🙂

Since I am really into fashion so I can’t help myself dressing too much or dressing too little as long as I am comfortable. I am not dressing up because I want to impress people around me. I dress up according on how I feel, my mood and if it makes me feel good with what I am wearing.

As you will scan my pictures below, you will definitely see different styles on how I manage myself in picking up the right outfit for me on that day. LOL!


Wow! So punk today!
Wearing a black Large size shirt with my latest accessories.
Maroon colored jeans and a checkered shoes.
Got my new necklace with a cross pendant and my ring! face of an owl. Love it! 🙂
Thanks to Angel & Brian for the great shots!
Jan. 22 2014
Time: 12:05 PM


It’s quite a while that I haven’t posted on my selfie page.
Well, today. It’s a sunny day! 🙂 Covering myself with my brand new mustard yellow jacket.
It’s actually a gift from someone. A million thanks for this nice and cool jacket! 🙂
Credits goes to Raf – he’s now my photographer. lol
Jan. 09 2014
Time: 11:36 AM


Casual day!
Wearing my new top and black jeans.
Matched with my new brown belt and shoes. 🙂
Feeling like a business man.
Thanks to Chrisbert!
Dec. 20 2013
Time: 11:30 AM

Black Shoes

Just can’t help staring at my new black pair of shoes which I wore today.
I love the idea of the shoes since it’s like a stripped leather combined that created a great texture.
I fell in love with these black pair of shoes.
Thanks to Raf! 🙂
Dec. 17 2013
Time: 9:31 AM


Feelin the warmth outside! Wheew!
Wearing my newly bought top. Matched with my black jeans & shoes. Smokin after my meal.
Credits goes to Raf!
Dec. 10 2013
Time: 11:15 AM


It’s wash day! – Feelin Hispter today.. yay!
Wearing a purple scarf, maroon colored jeans, white printed shirt & my fave shoes.
Thanks to Rafael! 😉
Nov. 27 13
Time: 12:15 PM


During my Smoke Break – Just had a chance to ask someone to take a picture of me. lol
Wearing strife casual polo, my fave jeans, my fave shoes. 🙂
Feelin like I’m smokin some weeds! hahaha
Thanks to Rudy! 🙂
Nov. 26 13
Time: 2:35 PM


Happy Monday today!
Wearing a plain long sleeve polo matched with khaki jeans with my fave shoes!
Thanks to Jelly! 🙂
Nov. 18 13
Time: 7:45 AM


Inside the office today, wearing formal casual attire. Stripe polo, slacks jeans, black shoes. Typical outfit for me. lol
Big Thanks to Jerex! 🙂
Nov. 15 13
Time: 4:13PM


Last night, waiting for a friend outside McDonald while enjoying my cup of coffee. 🙂
Nov. 14 13
Time: 9:15PM


Someone just gave me this today. It’s unexpected. So SWEET!
Thanks Ms. Annie for the chocolate! 🙂
Nov. 14 13
Time: 1:10PM


It’s wash day today so I can have an opportunity to wear something I want.
Early this morning in the hallway, I’m wearing my black jacket, grey Mickey Mouse shirt, fatigue like jeans & my simple shoes.
I felt like a Rock & Roll artist! lol
Credits to Pie! Thanks a Mil! 🙂
Nov. 13 13
Time: 8:10 AM


It’s a gloomy day today and I was reading some newspapers while waiting for my cup of coffee.
I wore my pink sweatshirt with white polo underneath. Casual black pants & leather shoes & my new favorite socks! 🙂
Nov. 11 13
Time: 7:30AM
Thanks to Angel again! Love Yah! 🙂


Good morning Sunshine!
On my way to the office. Wearing a retro style polo. One of my favorite jeans & flat shoes. Feel like an 80’s Rockstar!
Thanks to Angel! 🙂
Nov. 8 13
Time: 11:49AM


This photo taken after my lunch.
Wore my cardigan jacket. Almost loose bottom pants & my very comfy shoes. 🙂
Credits go to Rendell – Thank you so much!
Nov. 5 13
Time: 12:30PM


This photo was taken on a very cozy morning. I wore my varsity style jacket, leather like jeans & my converse sneaker! so damn cool with my shades!!! 🙂
Credits to Angel! Thank you so much!

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