In our smoking area, I sighted this guy named Patrick.
I liked his total look today. Wearing sunglasses matched with the color of his shirt color dark brown. Faded jeans and black slip on shoes. Not to mention the dog tags he’s wearing. He’s so damn COOL! 😉
Dec. 13 13
Time: 11:15 AM


This is Shannon – one of my associates. I spotted her today with her bandana like top wrapped around her. Matched with a pair of leggings and wedge shoes. So sexy and looking so Fab!!
She looks like a model though. 😉
Nov. 26 13
Time: 12:15 PM


This is Alex – he’s one of our HR Officers.
I loved his looks today, so classy at the same time very modern.
Wearing a blue colored long sleeve polo, faded/grey jeans and his famous black shoes!
It’s a total look for formal casual with a twist. 🙂
Nov. 21 13
Time: 2:15 PM


She’s pretty Suzy. I love the clothes she put on today. It’s black & white combination. Matched with her shimmering pair of sandal.
This made her look very simple but classy at the same time. 🙂
Nov. 15 13
Time: 1:06PM


Having my lunch. I sighted this guy wearing a grey beanie. grey shirt, black jeans & greyish colored sneaker. He looks so funky & cool in the mid afternoon!
Nov. 12 13
Time: 12:05 PM


This is Trisha – Project Manager. Spotted her during the conference meeting today.
Though it’s a rainy day. She wore bright yellow top and black long skirt.
The total look is a contrast for me but overall she looks great!
Nov. 12 13
Time: 11:57AM


This is Andrea, I spotted her today not because of her outfit but because of the earrings she wore.
It’s a dangle earring and if you will look closely. It’s only a black & white tie wrap around it. It’s very creative & it’s very nice.
It’s interesting isn’t it? 🙂
Nov. 11 13
Time: 10:46AM


I was waiting in the lobby & I sighted this girl which I thought her outfit was so COOL!
I asked her that I will take a picture of her & she agreed.
She’s wearing a Hoodie jacket, skinny type jeans & a sneaker. What do you think? She’s cute right?
Btw: Her name is Shiela! 🙂
Nov. 8 13
Time: 1:15PM


This is Cherry, she’s a Program Manager.
Today is a sunny day here so she’s wearing a tube dress matched with light blue jacket.
And not to mention her green watch! I love it so much!
Nov. 8 13
Time: 8:15AM

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