What is your Fashion Statement? [Article]

  In such a period, most fashion-conscious people do have already noticed the importance or benefit stylish appearances can bring to them. For females, good-looking clothing, shoes and an exquisite bag almost have become must-have items to complete their fashion statements. They spare no efforts to lighten their personalities and try to show their best […]

The Devil Wears Prada [Movie]

Have you ever watched the movie “The Devil Wears Prada”? Me, I’ve watched it two times now. I really love this movie because it relates too much in the world of fashion. The movie shows how fashion influences people around the world. What it can bring to an individual if they would start to experiment […]

Vintage Style [Article]

Vintage style clothing consists of pieces that are inspired by authentic fashions of yesteryear. Making a fashion statement requires a style sense and a knowledge of fashion history. You can avoid that disaster by choosing a vintage style dress and pairing it with a genuine vintage handbag or shoes. Choose whichever suits your style, and […]

Black Dresses [Women] [Article]

  Fashion industry has looked upon black dress as a sign of style and sexuality. It can be spotted in most of the fashion world that the attraction towards this black attire started from the popularity of the little black dress. As the name suggests, it is an extremely hot outfit, which has attracted all […]

Fashion Trends for All Body Sizes [Article]

If there were one thing that you could change about your body, what would it be?  There are actually a large number of individuals out there who would like to change more than just one thing. There are many who say that they are too skinny, others who claim that they are too large, some […]

What is Street Fashion?

Street fashion is fashion that is considered to have emerged not from studios, but from the grassroots. Street fashion is generally associated with youth culture, and is most often seen in major urban centers.Mainstream fashion often appropriates street fashion trends as influences. Most major youth subcultures have had an associated street fashion. Examples include: Hippies […]

How You Can Familiarize Yourself with 80s Latest Trends?

Do you remember the 80s?  Whether you were an adult or a teenager, there is a good chance that you do. While you may have fond memories of raising a family or being a fun loving kid, one thing that many seem to remember is the fashion trends of the 80s.  Popular 80s fashion trends […]

Fashion Shows Are Not Just for the Rich and Famous Anymore..

  There is a great possibility that you have perceived of a latest trend display before, but have you ever attended one? Regrettably, there are many persons who accept as true that fashion shows are only for the rich and famous, not the “every day,” individual. While this may have been factual at one point […]

Should You Use the Services of a Fashion Consultant?

Have you ever heard of a fashion consultant before?  A fashion consultant, who is also commonly referred to as an image consultant, is an individual who consults with you or gives you advice on the latest fashion trends. Now, it can be relatively easy for you to learn about fashion on your own, but there […]