The Devil Wears Prada [Movie]

Have you ever watched the movie “The Devil Wears Prada”? Me, I’ve watched it two times now. I really love this movie because it relates too much in the world of fashion. The movie shows how fashion influences people around the world. What it can bring to an individual if they would start to experiment to have their own style and how they carry themselves with the clothes they put on.

As what Marc Jacobs says “Fashion is not a necessity, it’s a luxury” it’s a luxury that can bring optimism to every person and it’s a way as well for us to be able to love ourselves more by getting in to that “luxury”. From the main character played by one of the best actresses in Hollywood Anne Hathaway. A simpleton woman who unexpectedly got into a new world which totally different for her. She haven’t had any idea what is fashion, why fashion exist. Why people want to look good and dying to get signature clothes. Well, despite of the criticisms she got from the people around her. She was so strong that she carried on.

Though she was about to quit but still she have this vision that she want to do her job well it’s because of her dream. She became from a simple woman to a fabulous one! She understood the ins and outs of the type of world she got into. The type of job she has which turned out that she totally changed positively. She gained her self-esteem and became very tough woman who’s not afraid with the challenges she might face. But of course, not all people has the same vision of everything. That’s why we are all unique. 
What I really learned from the movie? Is to be who you are and never ever change to be someone else you’re not. People will love you because of you trying to fit in with their own image and at the end of the day, you will hate yourself because of your pretentions. Be who you are and not to be afraid to express your own style of clothing. Not all people would definitely not love you but there would be some that will accept you for who you really are.

Wear the clothes you’re comfortable with. It’s not really necessary to wear expensive clothing to show off. Still, simplicity if beauty. Fashion constantly changing, but your own style last forever. Check out the trailer below just CLICK the image. Enjoy! 🙂

the devil wears prada

Thanks & Love Lots!

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