Vintage Style [Article]

Vintage style clothing consists of pieces that are inspired by authentic fashions of yesteryear. Making a fashion statement requires a style sense and a knowledge of fashion history.

You can avoid that disaster by choosing a vintage style dress and pairing it with a genuine vintage handbag or shoes.

Choose whichever suits your style, and your wardrobe would be a classy display of the choicest vintage clothes. Most of the women generally tend to confuse between vintage clothes and antique clothes. Let us make it clear that vintage clothes are something which was associated primarily with the period of 1930 to 1960. On the other hand, antique clothing is associated with the early twentieth century. So, there is a marked difference between these two distinctly separate styles of dressing. The vintage period was primarily associated with such fashion trends like stripes, short hems, and clothes with bright colours. These designs would primarily help you sport a teenage sort of a look. Mini skirts and tasselled jackets are the other popular style choice for you if you are choosing vintage style clothing.

You can also create your own vintage style clothing by using something you currently own and redesigning it with a updated flair.

What’s more it’s a lot of fun. So go to it, play and swing out in your own vintage style clothing. Enjoy! 🙂

Vintage Style


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