Are you a Fashionista? [Infographic]

Fashion has greatly influenced more and more people nowadays and people keep updating themselves on the latest trends and styles.
People are now keen to know what are the best colors, textures, shapes and sizes from designers around the globe. Most likely even ordinary people can now express themselves since fashion as well is right now a new way of expressing the thoughts of people. It’s not only something that people wear on the runway, but likewise giving a message to all people to let them know what’s happening in the world.

Fashionistas are now everywhere, before people are likely afraid to show off of who they are, it’s because they thought only models that has good looks, good body and perfect skin can wear such clothing, but now we are even more empowered to wear anything we want even though we are in the different states of society. What I really love about fashion is bringing diverse people together and unite for one cause which has promoted fashion which means promoting the freedom of expression through clothing. 🙂

I considered myself as “Fashionista” lol. Well, check the infographic below if you consider yourself too. Enjoy! 🙂


Are you a Fashionista?

Thanks & Love Lots!

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