Rastafarian Fashion Style

Who doesn’t know the name Bob Marley? Well, I know most of the people in the world known him.
He’s a music icon and I love him. He represents the country Jamaica as one of the music legends. He only not introduced reggae music, but also contributed his sensible philosophies in different aspects of life. For those who don’t know him.. Click HERE!

You may think that this post is now about music.. Not really, I just elaborated him as one of the famous people in the world and somehow led people to be inspired with his own style in terms of clothing. His style is somewhat not too flashy or classy – it’s actually reverse from usual. It’s weird, unique and cool, I think. The colors that represent the country Jamaica which commonly used with their clothing (green, yellow and red). It shows a different art as well, the hair, the tattoos and the piercing.

Check out some cool people who appreciate this kind of fashion. Enjoy!

Rastafarian FashionRastafarian Fashion

Rastafarian FashionRastafarian Fashion

Thanks & Love Lots!

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