Isabeli Fontana!

She’s hot, she’s goegoues and she’s a supermom. I really adore her as a great mom taking care of her two kids passionately.
I also love her personalities for being cool, chic and down to earth.

Despite for being a great mom, she managed to stay sexy and beautiful inside out. She’s my IDOL! 😉
The first time I saw her on the runway of VS Fashion Show 2005. I really fell in love with her smile and great sense of professionalism.
Her looks are so versatile, she can be elegant, innocent, glamourous, intellectual and wild that why she’s one of the favorite faces for Vogue magazine cover.
She has a great sense of style that everyone loves and a little bit of rock and roll chic. Love her tattoos too!

She’s so HOT and so PRETTY and that’s why I have a crush on her since then. If you’re not that familiar with her. Check more information HERE!

Isabeli Fontana

Thanks & Love Lots!


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