Eco Fashion..

Being a Fashionista, you must be creative and know how to be resourceful in some ways.
Following an Eco Fashion trend can give you an opportunity to express more your style and creativity towards fashion.

Nowadays, people are always in a rush and everybody is like; go, go, go. If you’re living an urban life. You’re carrying 10 devices at a time.
The technology right now always has it’s innovation constantly, fashion as well  is also competing with the technology as designers always come up with new trends and edgy collections, something fresh and unique.

As an ordinary person who really love fashion, I use to mix and match everything inside my wardrobe from tops, bottom, shoes, bags and accessories. It’s really fun when create a new look which is a totally different. You just to have a lot of ideas and try and try till you will find the perfect match!

Get some insights from the infographic below.. Enjoy! 🙂

Eco Fashion

Thanks & Love Lots!

4 thoughts on “Eco Fashion..

  1. This growth in conciousness is great not only for the people participating but for future fashionistas to learn from and continue! 🙂 ~ Global Jewelry

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