Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show – The Million Dollar Bra Story [SlideShare]

VS Show? Well, it’s like the event of the year! They’re showcasing the bras and panties wore by the most gorgeous super models around the planet.

Every year, the VS Show becomes bigger and better. Designers are becoming more creative and innovative every year for them to deliver a great show to make people happy.

And almost all people are very keen to watch the show either on Television or YouTube. I am actually VS addict. I always watch repeatedly the past shows they’ve had and even downloaded those songs being featured in the show.

The models love to wear the wings for sure and hoping that they will be privileged to wear the Million Dollar Bra. This year, Candice Swanepoel wore the most expensive bra for the VS Show. But hey, have you ever thought what is the story behind that fascinating bra that cost a LOT!

Know the story of the Victoria’s Secret Million Dollar Bra and the models that already wore those fancy bras ! Enjoy!

Thanks & Love Lots!


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