Runway Shows [Infographic]

One of my dreams really is to visit the fashion capital in the world to witness runway shows. When I started to express my interest about fashion, I always watch runway shows videos on YouTube.
My favorite would be videos from ModTV by Karen Morrison. She has done lots of interviews backstage from models to designers, make up artist and hair stylist.

I love backstage where you can barely see the actual footage behind the scenes of fashion shows whether it’s held in London, Milan, Paris or New York. You can tell how they’re preparing themselves to have a good show and I don’t think their goal is just to market their collection but at the same time they want to make people happy by the end of the show. They want that every show would be memorable and worth to watch.

But have you ever thought, how much pay they will get in every show especially during fashion week ? hmmm.. This is something I am really keen of knowing. lol. How much salary they will get as a model, photographer, editor, make up artist, hair stylist etc. Just for ONE show.

Well, have a look with the infographic below for you to have an idea about it. Enjoy!

Salaries in Fashion Week


Thanks & Love Lots!

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