Tommy Ton

Do you know who’s Tommy Ton?
He’s a photographer whom I love at this stage.

He’s working like a fashion paparazzi, he’s all over the place where fashion shows being held. From Paris, Milan, London and New York.
What I love about him is not only he captures great pictures of people but he’s also very down to earth and always keep smiling.

He’s very good at his craft, getting the best images from shoes, accessories, bags and clothes of fashionistas. His most loved by those people who are subject on his photograph. Get to know him more Here!

I always visit his website and his page on Tumblr which I can get some inspirations from clothing, accessories and bags [for men] of course. I also inspired to be like him honestly – to be a fashion photographer. 🙂

He doesn’t only deliver a good sense of style to everybody as well as his works like a bridge to express ordinary people who’s crazy about fashion and let their voice heard through his photograph.

You can visit his website HERE!
And his Tumblr HERE!


tommy tonThanks & Love Lots!

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