Beanie Hats!

We are right now in a cold season and most people now need to pull off their beanies from their closets.
Beanie (seamed cap), in North American usage, a cap made from cloth joined by a button at the crown and seamed together around the sides. SOURCE

This is one of my favorite head-wears during a winter season match with your favorite scarf and any knit wear.
It’s so much comfortable wearing such kind of material, it’s very cozy and warm. This is not also good to wear during winter.

But we can actually play with it and do some styling with your outfit. You can come up with many looks while having it on your head. You can be spunky looking, hippie, cool, fresh and stylish. I admire those people who are too courageous wearing a beanie though it’s not all about winter. 🙂

You should have this one on your list, as long as you will look pretty good and not to wear it if you’re not that comfortable because it could be too obvious that it might reflect to your aura. You can get a great sense of style by wearing clothes, headers, etc. that you’re comfortable with. Enjoy!

Benie Hat

Thanks & Love Lots!

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