Hipster Style [Infographic]

What is Hipster?

Hipster refers to a postmodern subculture of young, urban middle-class adults and older teenagers that first appeared in the 1990s and became particularly prominent in the 2010s,[1] being derived from earlier movements in the 1940s. The subculture is associated with indie music and alternative music, a varied non-mainstream fashion sensibility (including vintage and thrift store clothes), progressive or independent political views,[2][3] and alternative lifestyles. Read More Here! 🙂

I really admired the hispter style and try to dress up that way.lol. For me, it’s very cool and at the same time it could be something really vintage but in a modern way. It’s a style that everybody can be suitable off wearing, it’s perfect if you’re in a rush, just a pair of jeans, shirt and tie it up with your favorite scarf and you’re good to go.

Well, check the infographic below for you to know the evolution of hipster. Enjoy!

Hipster Style

Thanks & Love Lots!


2 thoughts on “Hipster Style [Infographic]

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