Fashion Brands & Social Fashionistas [SlideShare]

Admit it, if you love fashion, you love to dress up and you love to show off then you must love some fashion brands or signature clothes.

There’s a lot of fashion brands nowadays and there’s a specific brand or some brands that you really adore. My top of the list favorites would be D&G, Armani, Michael Kors, H&M, Lacoste, Burberry and  DSquared. I love the trend they bring every season and the styles that’s somehow you can see it’s very wearable either if it’s spring, summer, fall or winter.

Now, there are some pointers on how designers can relate themselves with people who love clothes. They’ve marketed their products through advertising and at this moment that are now targeting Social Media networks for them to able to increase their awareness and of course their sales.

They can also perceive the other concepts from people in what type of clothes should they want on each season.  Check out some more information from the SlideShare below. Enjoy!

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