How Fashion is Influenced by our Grandparents.. [Infographic]

Even though we are living in a modern world, enjoying the benefits of high end technology and always want to be continuously part of the trend.

Designers always have new, fresh and unique collection of clothing every season within a year. They are so creative and wanted to make people happy with the luxury of clothes. Not all people might have an interest expressing themselves through clothing but the designer does it. It’s their role to stay in the world and still be part of it till the upcoming generations.

I also believed that they are not only inspiring themselves to create a new style for their collection for a futuristic look. They somehow look back to their old collection a couple of years old to have an idea and add up some new designs, colors, fabrics, embellishments that may turn into a new look.

You can see some of those collections from different designers on how they express their creativity, passion and love towards clothing. It’s really amazing that they still find inspirations on how the materials put in together to develop a new and fresh design.

Old fashion still has a great effect and also influenced the modern look nowadays. And most of the designers have their inspiration for their new collection from the past. So check it out the infographic below, how our ancestors influenced the fashion world today and still remains to be part of it. Enjoy!

Grandparents Fashion Influence

Thanks & Love Lots!

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