Scarves – Learn How to Wear it to Look Cooler! [For Men]

how to wear scarf

One of my favorite garment that I want to wear especially during in a cold season is a scarf. It protects you from the cold temperature and at the same time it adds up a little fashion element to your look.

A scarf, also known as a Kremer, muffler, or neck-wrap is a piece of fabric worn around the neck, or near the head or around the waist for warmth, cleanliness, fashion or for religious reasons.
They can come in a variety of different colours. To read more about it.. Check it HERE

However, till this generation. Scarves are now added on to an outfit realistically every fall and winter seasons.
It has now different shape and sizes, creative designs and diverse fabrics that being used and different styles on how to wear it.

What I really like about it, cause not all men wear it. Most likely such as tropical areas in the world. It would take too much confidence to wear it.
But then, if you want to be experimental with your looks and you want to look unique then you may try it! As long as you feel comfortable and at ease. Don’t wear something to be someone else.

Just wear the type of clothes and accessories that makes you feel good and feel confident. Because for me, that would be the key for you to stand out!

Check some cool dudes that looking great with their scarves. 🙂


Cool Dudes with Scarves

Thanks & Love Lots!



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