Who’s a Fan of Tom Hiddleston?

Whoever you are then we are on the same loop! lol
I am one of his huge fans. He may not have the face like Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt but then I really find him an amazing person based from the articles and images I have found on the internet.

He portrayed the role of “Loki” of the movie Thor just this year and also has been awarded as “Best Villain” this year 2013 for the movie Avengers.

You might be thinking why I am one of his greatest fans. Well, aside from being a good actor. He’s also has this good heart. He sheds light on important charities, like helping children through Unicef. About his personality, he’s a happy person and very gentle man. He even awarded by People’s Magazine for his “Sexy Smile”. 🙂

How cool is that? I also love the way he carries himself and his sense of style which is classic and very manly. He loves color grey which is the majority color in his closet and he’s very stylish with his hair!

Check some of his fabulous looks!

tom hiddleston

Know more about Tom Hiddleston HERE

Please do post your comment if you’re a FAN of him! 😉

Thanks & Love Lots!


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