Creating your Own Style by Knowing your Body Shape [For Women] [Infographic]

More and more women today are very conscious with the shape of their body. Most of the women who are not model skinny feel inferior and most likely don’t want to buy the clothes they want because they’re thinking negatively that it might look gross if they will wear it.

There’s a fear that people may laugh at them and criticize the way they look with the kind of dress they put on. They lose their self-esteem which could lead a havoc with themselves just because they’re wearing a WRONG type of clothing.

Good news ladies! Though you’re not so skinny woman then you can still pump up the volume of your total outfit by identifying your body shape and what type of clothes will suit for you. Check this infographic I’ve found and I am hoping that this would help a lot not only to feel chic but boost up your self-confidence. 🙂

body shapes

Thanks and Love Lots!

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