Foodie Love: Fruit Popsicles

Check this cool amazing Blog by the SuperModel Allesandra Ambrosio! She’s one of my favorites! 🙂


Foodie Love - Fruit Popsicles

Cool off this summer with one of these irresistibly healthy fruit popsicles!! They’re infused with one of Ale’s favorites, coconut water!, for an extra kick of hydration and nutrition. With desserts like these, there’s no need to feel guilty AND you get to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings!


  • Coconut water
  • Blueberries
  • Strawberries
  • Kiwi
  • Orange
  • Or any fruit you’re craving!

It’s SO easy…Combine any fruit or berry you would like and put them in the popsicle molds and pour over coconut water. Freeze. Enjoy. Huge thanks to Green Attraction for the inspiration!

Too cute!! Mother and daughter sharing a popsicle bite.
Ale caught having another one on her own.


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I just love DSQUARED! Yay! 🙂

Well, I love Dean & Dan the identical twin brothers who are the designers for DSQUARED!
I so much adore the sense of style they bring towards fashion. Very plain and simple and pretty straight forward that everyone would love to wear.

They created a man and women of today that would definitely will show off whatever the occasion would be. I really like the fabrics, materials, embellishments that they’re using with their clothing every season and they never fail to deliver and impress the audience. It’s not too flashy, not too boring. It just RIGHT! 🙂

To know more about Dean & Dan. Click HERE!



I came across a video from Fashion TV for the D2 SS 2014 in Milan. Check out some fashinistas and what they wore during the event. Enjoy!



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Top 10 Vibrant Fashion Accessories [Infographic]

Accessories can create all sorts of moods. It is up to you to recognise what your current accessories silently say to others. Make sure that you wear those that give the impression you want them to have and not a confused, misunderstood impression of you.

It can also help add personality and flare to any outfit. Sometimes the accessories are more important than the outfit itself. Although there are lots of accessories that are fun to have, there are several basic ones that every woman needs as part of her wardrobe.

Check the infographic below the Top 10 Vibrant Fashion Accessories that every woman should have. Enjoy!


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Most Expensive Jewelyry in the World [Infographic]

Jewelry types have different textures and patterns. A highly polished pendant will look smooth and might work with a top that features intricate patterns. Classic pieces modeled after old time jewelry may feature very busy visual elements such as vines, scrollwork and rope engravings. These designs can clash if they are worn with fabrics with complex designs.

Also, jewelry is to clothing what spices are to your favorite dish. They can never be the bulk of your overall look, but without a few elements of flair you aren’t doing your outfit justice. By choosing the right jewelry for your individual style, you can greatly enhance your overall look. These are just a few items of jewelry that can increase your style profile in one fell swoop.

But do you have any idea the 10  Most Expensive Pieces of Jewelry in the World? Check the infographic below! Enjoy! 🙂

expensive jewelry

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VOGUE: Anna Wintour [Video]

Vogue fashion magazine was founded in 1892 by Arthur Baldwin Turnure. Turnure started Vogue as a weekly society magazine in the United States. While Turnure had the magazine it was seen as a failing paper that wasn’t going to last much longer at the rate it was going. When he passed away in 1909 Conde Nast bought the publication and took over the magazine and become to grow Vogue into what it is today.

When Nast took over he decreased publication to bi-weekly. In 1910 Nast took the publication over seas, his over seas expansion started in Britain in 1916 and then moved into Italy and France by 1920 where the magazine took off with great success. Once Nast took over Vogue, Vogues publications and profits increased drastically. With Nast as owner Vogue took off into 9 different countries.

For Vogue, the name says it all. Vogue clearly defines what fashion is all about. As a designer brand, Vogue has various innovations to feather its hat. Its designs have always stood out for their luxury. The chic range of designer sunglasses by the brand have been sported by ladies with pride. It is a priced possession that they can always boast about. Check more from Anna Wintour on the video below. Enjoy! 🙂



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What is your Fashion Statement? [Article]

What is your Fashion Statement?  In such a period, most fashion-conscious people do have already noticed the importance or benefit stylish appearances can bring to them. For females, good-looking clothing, shoes and an exquisite bag almost have become must-have items to complete their fashion statements. They spare no efforts to lighten their personalities and try to show their best on any event. Of course, this is necessary and rather understandable. Everybody looks forward to being a luminous spot in the crowd. In order to make sure your fashion style will draw attention and add some real flare to your individuality, it’ s imperative to keep an open mind to those varying tendencies in the fast-tempo fashion industry.

Suiting appropriately with the changing lifestyle in the modern life running at a hectic pace, wear for women could also be a fashion statement. While women feel extremely comfortable at the end of greatly tiring day, it can also make them look trendy, fashionable, and stylish.

Addition of correct basics as well as the accessories even the ordinary casual can become fashion statement. However to be such fashion statement they should match the body structure as well as the height of the women wearing it. Paying a little attention to any of the smaller details will render even the simplest of the clothing in to wonderful fashion statement.

In either case, you are placing elements that surprise and add to the costume. You are making a fashion statement. You are recognizing truly dated clothes and adding the touch that brings them up-to-date.

As you consider how you will make your personal fashion statement, keep in mind that colour, texture, and tailoring number among the most powerful signifiers of your taste and self-esteem. 🙂 Enjoy!


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What’s Hot in 2014 [Infographics]

Everyone wants to look hot and fab this year as always specially those people who adore fashion so much.

We are all looking for the trends and style that we want and show off. That’s pretty much exciting. We also need to consider what’s hot and what’s not. So, want to share the infographic below for the Fashion Rules For 2014. Enjoy! 🙂

2014 Infographics

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My Favorite Street Style [Men]

I am looking for new inspiration for my next outfits on the web. I came across this cool website that dishes out great tips and ideas of fashion trends for men. If you will get a chance to check their site HERE!

I have saved some of the images they’ve captured which turned out to be the next street style that I will somehow mimic. LOL!

Let me know what you think, if these styles are so much cool to copy! 😉 Enjoy!

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